If everyone will go at everyone else’s speed how far shall we reach? I am trying to question the human attitude which says “Let’s Sacrifice”.

I dedicate this article to N.P. and A.D. N.P. is a close friend and was my classmate during graduation. A.D.  is a fellow on planet earth. Both seem bright and full of potential. No offences guys, please take it in a positive sense.

It was a typical Tuesday morning. And a typical mail box. And the mail I received was no different. It was a story about 8 differently-abled girls who were competing in a race in some stadium. The story narrated how one of the girls fell and the other 7 helped her back on feet and then all of them walked till the finishing line hand in hand in front of an applauding and visibly moved audience. The mail went on to claim this incident as an example of  teamwork, humanity and equality among all. And at the end was this “really great” message:

“Successful people help others who are slow in learning so that they are not left far behind.”

By the way, this message had a typo, it had the word felt instead of left.

Normally I exercise the power vested in me by almighty Google and promptly delete such mails. But that day, generally because of my governing stars and planets and specifically because of the insolence of the “really great” message I could not resist replying back to the person I received the mail from and the person who had originated the forward. What follows is the consequent conversation over mails.

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