A chance to care

I have promised her that I’ll go out of my way to make her life comfortable. She is a strong, financially independent (and oh so gorgeous) woman, my wife. But I still wanted to assure her this much. I remember how we bought our first piece of furniture. We researched and consulted and negotiated and we ransacked the entire city to find the right wardrobes for our bedroom at our price. As foolhardy as we are, we still know our money’s worth. We were brought up right and this economy helps us act in accordance.

We are not particularly affluent. We both earn, yes. But, the luxuries are always just a little out of reach. Isn’t that poverty? Inability to live the life you wish for. It’s not grim at all and this is not a sad story. We are vacationing in Europe this summer with a couple friend of ours (They made all the payments and we have been paying them back in installments). Of course, the constant reduction in airfares helped. So did the stiff competition and the incredible discounts. The ecosystem enables us to live the life beyond. And we are grateful. We have seen our parents shield us from the scarcity at the cost of their own wants and needs. May be that’s why we are so protective about our dreams.

A microwave is a more practical appliance, but we decided to buy an OTG. It’s fun being foolish. She wants to dabble in baking. After months of deliberation we finalized the make and model. Thankfully they don’t cost a lot. We had some Amazon and Croma coupons but it was way cheaper on ShopClues. A little too discounted for reason. We had read bad reviews about the retailer. Frugality got the better of us. Frugality and optimism. I’ve shopped online for years now and have rarely been disappointed. We deliberated for an entire week.

It’s not just about the money. The things we buy and own, big or small, they make up the happiness we promise to the people we love. These providers assume a petty role in our lives. They fail to realize that they deliver dreams (and smiles) as much as wares. I know I have it in me to make ShopClues pay up for the damaged oven we received. I am not worried about that. I am not even angry on them. I can only imagine the amount of hatred they receive regularly while they attempt to grab a bigger share of the market. I am just upset that they squander their chance to care. Their chance to make this world a little dreamier.

6 thoughts on “A chance to care”

  1. A good thought and true indeed!! We are facing the same phase of life and happy to live it. We had searched a lot for bati (gas oven) as it is not so popular in pune. I remember, we were screaming like kids when we got it and made the first daal bati immediate next day.
    It is definitely our values passed by parents. It is not poverty. To make budgets for needs, visiting many stores and finding best fits in requirements. In this way we are living our small dreams and this is the life.
    Happy reading!!
    Keep writing.
    Rajul Jain

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