A Mild Headache

“It is so difficult being an adult.. don’t you think so?”, she said, as I sat there, contemplating the question in my head. Utter chaos. It wasn’t a sudden realization of the hardships of adulthood. I am not naive or demented enough to believe it is easy. The problems with being in charge of your own life are so inherent to the act that you overlook them. Imagine if a child were born with a mild headache. He would grow up to realize that the feeling is indeed unpleasant, but would be incapable of disassociating the pain with his existence. And she sat there, asking the kid if he felt wretched because of the pain in his head.

2 thoughts on “A Mild Headache”

  1. I guess every phase of life gives a mild headache or sometimes migraines. I still remember tremblance in my body by just calling the name exam. It guess adulthood is better then that.

    1. You are right. Every phase of life has its own problems. But stakes are much higher as an adult. A missed assignment in school used to scare us a lot. It felt like the end of the world. But it really wasn’t. All you were worried about was getting scolded or beaten, or humiliated in front of friends or siblings. Things are different now because multiple lives depend on our actions. It’s not just about us.

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