Something is better than nothing

Ever wondered how ambiguous this idiom is? Apparently, it implies that the possession of some, however little, part of what you want is better than having nothing at all. Apparently! Well, making some profit is definitely better than just breaking even. I have a bone to pick, but not with its meaning. My war is with the contradictory wordplay this idiom uses to increase the ambiguity in my little universe. Ever since I first set my eyes upon it, it has coyly expressed an opinion exactly opposite to the one it asserts otherwise. Something, it whispers (as it winks), is not better than anything. And hence, something, it whispers (as it nudges), is the worst! And then it slithers up my sense of clarity, asphyxiating it as it warrants that there is nothing in the whole world which is better than something. You achieve a dream in its entirety or you achieve nothing at all. But you achieve β€œsomething”? Oh lord almighty! What pity! You got some of it?! Tch tch.

5 thoughts on “Something is better than nothing”

  1. Play of words… πŸ˜€
    Agree with you, but in this world of relativity, this whole phrase is relative too. For someone ambitious, “something” might be a crap idea, but for a survivor, it definitely works.
    I guess what you say applies after one can live in this world. With dying conditions this world is in, Something is definitely better than nothing. :-S

    1. πŸ˜€ yeah it is pretty relative [like almost everything else in the world]. But no I am not trying to compare the two interpretations. Something is good. Something is what keeps life going. I was just trying to play with the words.

      If I really have to dwelve into this from a “food for thought” perspective, I’d say that when you talk about the results the first meaning should be applied. Be happy with even something. But when you talk about trying, engaging, acting on something, the second meaning should overtake. When you are doing something, let that try be either an all-stops-pulled-out effort or nothing at all.

  2. hmmm… I always felt there was nothing that I could not understand something about but I must admit that after initially thinking that I understood something about what you have said bro, but something told me soon that I have understood nothing. So, I hope you can tell me something about nothing and anything about something but you must tell me something but not nothing… never mind I know I said something but I guess it meant nothing… πŸ˜‰

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