Zeroes & Emotions

You know how a zero, though itself equal to nothing, can make a number larger [or smaller] when applied the right way? Well, the same is true for emotions. By itself an emotion is nothing but a chaotic concoction of untamed force and aimless wandering, incapable of achieving anything worthwhile. But when its power is controlled by self-discipline and channelled by an unflinching determination towards a cause one thoroughly believes in, mountains can be moved.

The placement matters, a lot. Put your emotions behind your efforts, and you make progress. But, put them ahead of your dreams, and you get reduced to insignificance. After all, what good is a zero when placed before a number? Who cares about fractions? In fact, emotions are the forces that shape the world around us. When used for a negative idea, they create holocausts. When used, and collectively applied for freedom it leads to the fall of human misery and captivity. And they are not done making our history, they will shape our future as well; Through you. Take care. Emote some.


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