We meek shall inherit the Earth (and the debt)

Question: My reaction on WikiLeaks.

[If you are a man of few words refer answer 2.]

Answer 1: I revel, to an orgasmic level. But I am ashamed to express my happiness (and my gratitude to it’s source) because the world ignores what’s obvious (generally) and true (specifically). These leaks provide proofs for acts of hypocrisy, injustice, terrorism and abhorrent crimes committed by governments and corporations around the world which we are already aware of subconsciously. Just think, is it possible for so much of bullshit to go around unchecked, without the approval of authorities? The truth is, we have been conditioned to mind our own business to such an extent that we howl and cry only when the atrocities of the ruling class affect us directly. And even then, meek as we are, we disguise it under a pretence of perseverance and go on with our petty day to day agendas as if getting mad at something is such a bad thing.

I’ll Quote Voltaire here,

It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.
We know the truth. We look it in the eye daily. We breath it day in and day out. And we still don’t react. Our government executes plunder and mass murder in the name of development and we play pawn to their game, assuming that their claim can’t be untrue. The questions we should ask is how much of that development gets percolated to those who need it and are the proclaimed beneficiaries. Ministers indulge in multi-million dollar scams while we focus our attention on seedy reality shows (which, by the way, are converting a common man somewhere into a fundamentalist with a plan for retributive justice). Every election just changes the face of incessant terror and rhetoric, which they propound to justify their incapacity at governance. The intentions and methodologies and hidden manifestos remain same.
If you look at it carefully returning to cave looks like a solid option for a better living. For:
  1. Education sucks. I laugh when I compare what children are taught and what skills they require in the real world.
  2. Healthcare.. oh wait, I should just call it Health Business and close my case.
  3. Consumer goods are at all time high prices. The rich can’t afford pulses!! When did that happen? True, it’s an open market. Demand and supply decide if the prices go up or down. Well, who decides the base prices?
  4. The havoc wrought on our environment as a direct result of the support greedy corporations have from our policy makers.
  5. The economic inequality that our policies foster. (The truth is they’ll eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor)
  6. The social instability and distrust that our politicians are willing to fuel for their immediate benefit.

Answer 2: Bro, let’s find a fertile patch and go off the grid.

4 thoughts on “We meek shall inherit the Earth (and the debt)”

  1. Nice thoughts. You have spoken the minds of many people around you. Talking about the rising prices and hypocrisy, recently one of my and your army friends told me that most of the people in India occupied J&K want to be a part of either Pakistan or an Independent unit (wtever be it state/country/etc). Inspite of this fact and all the rise in prices, a resident of J&K gets pulses, rices, all edible items at the rate of Rs.2/kg or less. They further told me that nearly all the people in J&K own expensive cars like safari, etc. I could only see this as hypocrisy or tax payer’s money spent for unwanted expenditures.

    1. Don’t even get me started on Income Tax. Why on earth should I pay taxes until the government starts accounting for every penny they take from me? And isn’t the system ancient? Like a king used to ask for money from his countrymen? The state owns natural resources and makes money from them. The state also charges industries and foreign traders. Why do they have to tax the service class? Why do I work for 12 months and get paid for 11?

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