7 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. no offenses dude but words just represents ur thoughts not ur actions.tujhe nahi lagta… tht these thoughts, these wrds now need to be converted into reality…..i dnt knw if u hav done smthng or not but in case if u hav than give wrds to those actions too…
    n mind the jist in which i m saying all this.i m not criticising but want to be the part of actions…

    1. You could not be more correct Abhi. Yes this makes no sense at all without the action. Emotions are like zeroes, useless by themselves, but if applied correctly they augment action. Don’t know if you have heard this story before or not..

      A rabbi and a priest attend a boxing match. They watch as the boxers come into the ring. The rabbi sees one of the boxers cross himself. So the rabbi tells to the priest and asks, “What does that mean?”. The priest says “Not a damn thing if the man can’t fight”.

      This short piece was actually written 4 years ago, when I was just out of High School, and it was basically an emotional outcry towards criticism. The entire jest of this writeup is just to question authority, to challenge whats believed to be true, to defy what everyone says is correct. You are one person who thoroughly believes in that and takes action in accordance too, so hope you can understand what it actually meant. And I also plan to add “answers to why?” here, which is a critical answer to all the questions listed above. Hope you like that. 🙂

      1. And one more thing, Abhi. This article is nothing but a set of questions, which, again, serve no purpose by themselves. They need to be answered, countered and closed to serve some meaningful end. Otherwise they are lost in the abyss of human thoughts as mere rhetoric.

  2. Exactly.u got my point boy.i just want all of us to make life as meaningful as this rhetoric part is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    nehow as i hav said b4 above lines are too sensible and representative of our (both of us) rebellious nature.

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