If everyone will go at everyone else’s speed how far shall we reach? I am trying to question the human attitude which says “Let’s Sacrifice”.

I dedicate this article to N.P. and A.D. N.P. is a close friend and was my classmate during graduation. A.D.  is a fellow on planet earth. Both seem bright and full of potential. No offences guys, please take it in a positive sense.

It was a typical Tuesday morning. And a typical mail box. And the mail I received was no different. It was a story about 8 differently-abled girls who were competing in a race in some stadium. The story narrated how one of the girls fell and the other 7 helped her back on feet and then all of them walked till the finishing line hand in hand in front of an applauding and visibly moved audience. The mail went on to claim this incident as an example of  teamwork, humanity and equality among all. And at the end was this “really great” message:

“Successful people help others who are slow in learning so that they are not left far behind.”

By the way, this message had a typo, it had the word felt instead of left.

Normally I exercise the power vested in me by almighty Google and promptly delete such mails. But that day, generally because of my governing stars and planets and specifically because of the insolence of the “really great” message I could not resist replying back to the person I received the mail from and the person who had originated the forward. What follows is the consequent conversation over mails.


Me to N.P. and A.D.

If everyone will go at everyone else’s speed how far shall we reach?

You know how we became human? Because of the law of survival of the fittest. If our ancestors had followed the same emotions of sacrifice and tolerance and consideration for those who are weak.. we would not have evolved even as a mammal.. we would have lost our cause to the rational realities of life.

I am sorry for being rude, but we do not think too much before sending such mails.. and slowly and gradually this attitude is poisoning the human intellect. There is nothing wrong in being compassionate but do not forget that if you help someone, you are actually stealing his opportunity to learn, to grow, to struggle.

Guys, please stop circulating such mails.


From N.P.

This might be your perspective and helping others at right time is what the mail meant to convey. The purpose of every act and priority of event should be considered before declaring it a an opportunity theft or whatever.


To N.P.

The only way to move ahead is to leave behind. If you think you can take everyone along then you should prove that everyone has the same speed. But you know that is not true. People do have different speed and skills.

Competition, inequality and cold logic drives the world. I do not want anyone to think otherwise.

Rest is up to you. You can send this mail to people. But will you have the same compassion when your appraisal is being done? Or would you agree if your company starts paying according to needs instead of ability? Then it would be fair right? The person who is slow or week should not be left behind, after all he needs that money. You’ll be helping him.. at the right time.

And please consider this mail as a channel of communication for understanding. We should talk about our disagreements. This fosters growth.


From N.P.

I have different priorities and thought process. As u r working, so u must be knowing that the final speed of group depends on the slowest individual. You might be having priority as to win and appraisal. I believe in working really hard, If the survival is concerned, others do survive. Living in harmony needs an effort. I’m willing to put and perform wherever I can. So we should chase our individual dreams………….. smiling


To N.P.

Yes we are different and that is what makes us disagree and then learn.

The slowest dear in the herd gets caught. And its fellows cannot stop to save it.. otherwise they too would be killed. This is nature’s way to keep harmony and balance in the world. And we human are actually flirting with it when we try to undo this order.

You are hardworking and passionate about work. This is what keeps you moving ahead. And I personally believe that you have the potential to materialise your dreams. I never commented on your ability.

All I am trying to say is if we behave like those eight girls did in real life, we will actually perish. Please do not take this as your criticism. I am trying to question the human attitude which says “Let’s Sacrifice”. I am not professing anarchy or disharmony amongst the human race. I would like to help someone who falls, but I would not do it in a race. I would also not walk with him till the end. Because that would lead to my failure and his doom.


From A.D.

First of all I am really surprised to see your mail…better not to do so again!!

Coming to the point first you should have read the message clearly…the message is humanity, teamwork and equality … and not your damn.. mammal story…

I am sorry for being rude!!! But mail should be clear to you!!


To A.D.

You have a button there that says delete. Please use it.

And if you do not like disagreements and discussions you are on the wrong planet.

If you really think you have a strong point and it should have been registered by a fellow being, you could have explained it to me instead of negating my point outright. THAT would have been HUMANITY.


From A.D.

“And if you do not like disagreements and discussions you are on the wrong planet.”

I am not here for dicussion…otherwise I would have forwarded you the mail.

My Humanity appears in my first word of my mail…(DEAR).

Good bye….

May we meet next time we some good words to share.


To A.D.

Believe me, my first mail was not meant to offend you. I am terribly sorry and surprised that it did. Hope you undersatnd that I was just trying to make a point that could have been countered with another.

I believe in Human potential, and I am sure you are one bright person.

Seriously, no offences or hard feelings. And I can assure you, if by some weird cosmic coincidence we’ll ever meet again it will be a more pleasant encounter.


The conversation ended here. Hope you had fun. I enjoyed.

11 thoughts on “Humanity”

  1. I totaly agree where you say if you help somebody you are taking away his right to learn, grow and struggle. And life is not a fairytale or a wonderland. Everybody is on their own….

  2. I totally agrees to Anupam’s point throw-out this conversation. This reminds me of a story on ‘How a caterpillar becomes a butterfly’. In short, the story says, ‘A young boy caught a caterpillar, take it to his home & feeds him. After a couple of days, he saw that the caterpillar was struggling to get out of its shell to become a butterfly. The boy can’t see the pain of caterpillar & breaks that shell in help. And after a few minutes, butterfly died as its wings were not strong enough to fly’. ……… (Don’t have words to summarize, guessing readers are intelligent enough, leaving it blank.)

    And A.D. reminds me of a person whom I & Shishir came across once. 😉

    1. That’s what I want people to acknowledge. It is way too easy to forward any arbitrary mail you come across and much more difficult to follow the message it preaches in reality. I do not question the possibilty of following a value religiously in life. Practicality is just a matter of your comfort level. What I question is the determination and inclination of the people who forward such mails to follow what they preach.

  3. Human keeps fighting this battle of when to let go and when they should have stayed..hanging to same..
    Different aspects have been brought forward time n again..u wont move forward till u let go but do u ever let go completely?
    even if u didnt wait for that someone doesnt ur conscience nag u a lil also that u could have..
    and if u r a true human..u can never conciously negate this factor of human nature of being concious of their acts whatever the consequence…

    1. Definitely it is one perspective, I respect people who believe the other point of view, but I am not soft on people who profess it to the limit of irrationality. Bugger wants the world to call him “the picture of sacrifice” but will be the fastest rat when the ship is sinking. These mails provoke hypocrisy.. people don’t do this deliberately.

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